Leaked Memo on OOXML Voting in Sweden

Update: Sweden declares own vote invalid and will abstain.


“It costs money to join SIS, registration of around $150 and an additional $1,150 or so to get to vote, so Microsoft is reported to have told partners in the memo that companies that paid the fee and voted appropriately would receive “marketing support” (”marknadsbidrag”) and “additional support in the form of Microsoft resources” (”extra stöd i form av Microsoftresurser”)”

Translated from IDG Sweden.

And the question was raised – “Is this kind of pressure to tip a vote allowed under the ISO rules, by the way?” I don’t know myself but I’m guessing that it is. At best, this will result in a future rules adjustment but the fact is, for what is one of the most important votes in standards history, the damage has been done (see update at top) in Sweden.


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