more on the beast’s mockery of the ISO process

Update: Sweden declares own vote invalid and will now abstain.

Andy has more commentary on Microsoft’s purchase of the Swedish OOXML vote.

Sadly, it seems that, due to the efforts of a single company, ISO/IEC will need to overhaul their good faith based rules to prevent a similar stunt from being perpetrated on the system in the future.

I like “good faith based rules” in general. When relating with others, I tend to deemphasize (though not completely ignore) rules. When things start going awry, people can often communicate their concerns and set things straight allowing reason to reign. A focus solely on rules lacks humanity while encouraging irresponsibility through the exploitation of loopholes. Unfortunately, as Andy reports,

Jason Matusow, Microsoft’s Director of Corporate Standards, has on at least two occasions (there may be more) stated Microsoft’s intention to do everything that can be done within the system without breaking the rules.

Clearly, Jason’s intention is to do his job, not The Right Thing. And doing his job means discarding relationship and social responsibility to pursue the single-minded mandate of profit maximization. Such is the nature of the beast.


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