Meet the Teachers/Parents and Free Software

So I’ve started a new teaching position. I just finished my third week and things are going well. After school today, time was set aside for parents to come meet the teachers. After speaking with the third and fourth grade parents, the room slowly emptied though one Mom and Dad stayed behind. In private, they both approached me with sincerity. “We noticed something and we are concerned,” the father said. “All we see here is Microsoft. Do you teach with any other software? Like Linux?”

They were both very nice though very serious. I sensed that they had waited for everyone to leave so not to “embarrass” or “challenge” the “Microsoft teacher” in front of others with their questioning of the status quo.

Needless to say, after explaining my background, my intention, and that making a shift in that direction will take time (I just got here!), they left the computer lab smiling from ear to ear.

But that was nothing compared to my smile.


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