which two go?

A teacher at my school asked colleagues for one-paragraph responses to writing prompts. These will be used as examples for students. Accepting the dogma of “five” senses, here is my response to the following question…

If you had to lose two of your five senses, which two would you lose?

If I suddenly lost my ability to see, it would prove rather inconvenient to go about day-to-day living. Simple movement from point A to point B would slow considerably and for quite some time I would be considerably dependent upon others for help. After some time, an environment could be learned and dependency lessened, but travel to unfamiliar territory would be incredibly hampered and require assistance from others. Therefore, I would choose to keep my sense of sight. My sense of touch would be invaluable as well. Pain, though not enjoyable, is an essential warning when one’s body is experiencing harm. To be without the sense of touch means being without a vital safety net. Therefore, I would keep my sense of touch. Sensing sound makes communication easier. To hear makes conversation with others less complicated and allows one to experience other sounds that may contain useful information. Though hearing would not be as vital a sense as touch or sight, I would keep it. This means I would choose to lose the ability to taste and to smell. Relatively speaking, both senses offer little in terms of pragmatic needs (though I’d have to be careful not to accidentally consume rotten food or drink sour liquids!) and my loss would not inconvenience others too much. However, I would be saddened to suddenly realize that I could no longer experience the smell of a flower or taste of a well-prepared meal. Part of life is to experience pleasure. To be denied this would be unfortunate, but is what I would choose “if I had to”.

Granting this unrealistic scenario, which two would you choose and why?



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