GNU/Linux: a compromise

This is pretty thorough.

I certainly concede that verbalizing the extra 3-syllables (“guh nu slash”) doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as “Linux”. And whether one likes it or not, some who currently call the entire system “Linux” are unlikely to change that habit even if they are aware of and agree with, the ethical principles of free software.

So how is this for a compromise…

If you agree that software freedom is important (don’t bother reading further if this is not the case) but wish not to change orally, how about changing the way you write? That is, when you blog or write an article, write “GNU/Linux”. It’s just a few extra keys. The more the web is exposed to GNU/Linux the more potential for readers to learn the history and ethical argument. And let’s face it, though the oral form is and always will be a powerful way to inspire others, it is through the written medium that most will learn about operating system history.


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