weighing the importance of presidential gender

The Independent:

This week, [Hillary Clinton] said that, if elected president, she would not rule out military strikes to destroy Tehran’s nuclear weapons facilities. […]  So far, Mrs Clinton has received $52,600 in contributions from individual arms industry employees. That is more than half the sum given to all Democrats and 60 per cent of the total going to Republican candidates.

Some have stated to me they like Clinton because they “would like to see a female president”.  In general, I share and sympathize with this desire. But in this instance, is the potential price the world may pay compared to other candidates worth it? Perhaps it’s not wise to consider gender a significant factor in this case.



One Response to “weighing the importance of presidential gender”

  1. if i was american… « GNUosphere Says:

    […] if i was american… I now know who I’d vote for. Even though he’s not a she. […]

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