I refuse to participate in OLPC G1G1

Things were going great until I read this in the warranty:

This limited warranty does not cover […] damage due to acts of God […]

He would never intentionally harm an XO. Believing so is lying to oneself.

UPDATE: Some level-headed believers have convinced me that although infidels have blasphemed through the warranty agreement, it might be best to just leave it be and let Him take care of the lost in His own way. Therefore, though terribly upset, I have decided to go ahead with participation in the G1G1 plan. My apologies for overreacting. RAmen.


6 Responses to “I refuse to participate in OLPC G1G1”

  1. cambarne Says:

    This limited warranty does not cover […] damage due to acts of God […]

    OLPC is an act of God you fool. :)

  2. gnuosphere Says:

    Exactly! That’s why I’m offended that they even put this in the warranty. He is not going to bring damage to that which can be used to spread His word. Sure, it might look like He is doing damage because He types so fast, but that’s simply due to the number of His appendages, not because He gets rough with Holy machinery.

    Until this is rectified, I refuse to support this project. I hope you will join me in defending His good name.

  3. noodlyappendage Says:

    Oh boy. Leave it to you to connect the noodly master with OLPC. Thought you might enjoy this.

  4. benjami Says:

    Well… if your are Philistine, your OLPC are in real risk.

  5. benjami Says:


  6. gnuosphere Says:

    Benjami, I don’t know about that. I can only offer insight from the Pastafarian view.

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