what’s wrong with this picture?

The following picture shows part of an installation process of a GPLv2 program on the Windows operating system…


Any guesses? I’ll post the answer in a few days if nobody sees it.


3 Responses to “what’s wrong with this picture?”

  1. David Glenn Says:

    The GPL does not require acceptance to use GPL licensed software, only to distribute it.

  2. gnuosphere Says:

    That’s it.

    I suspect this results from mixing standard installation software common to Windows with a misunderstanding of the GPL. It’s unfortunate as this can lead to confusion regarding the license.

  3. misunderstanding the GPL « GNUosphere Says:

    […] In fact, if you’re only using GPL code you don’t even have to agree to the license (sometimes that’s misunderstood too). That is, you’re free to disagree with the license yet install and use the software. […]

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