Next XO G1G1: Europe 2008!

Honestly, I have no idea but you never know…

Let’s say this (extended) US/Canada round nets a half-million units. A quarter to North Americans and a quarter to the poorest. If some of Europe were given an equal shot at it, one wonders what kind of numbers could be produced o’er the Atlantic.



3 Responses to “Next XO G1G1: Europe 2008!”

  1. Tom Hoffman Says:

    This seems quite plausible to me. They simply had no incentive to try to roll this out globally all at once.

  2. gnuosphere Says:

    I guess that answers that question.

  3. what’s the future for G1G1? « GNUosphere Says:

    […] donors outside of the US and Canada, please call 1-949-608-2865.” Perhaps this means G1G1 Europe 2008 isn’t in the cards. One wonders what possibilities are being […]

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