Punished by McRewards

Those looking to improve education by offering rewards for high grades might benefit from a reexamination of their fundamental assumptions regarding human nature. Their beliefs on learning tend to be heavily biased toward a behaviorist view. Common sense (and research) tells us that dangling carrots detracts from the goal of inspiring life-long learning. Unfortunately, some push this pedagogical train wreck to a higher level of absurdity by punishing the body along with the mind:

The McDonald’s restaurants in Seminole County, Fla., and the Seminole County School Board have agreed to reward students for good grades and attendance during the 2007-8 school year with Happy Meals.


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One Response to “Punished by McRewards”

  1. Dan Pink’s “true fact” of incentives « GNUosphere Says:

    […] a fan of offering students rewards to incentivize their study. Whether it be stickers, bonus points or fast food, rewards are likely to work against the broader goal of developing a deeper interest in learning. […]

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