fighting capital punishment amorally


New Jersey lawmakers are demonstrating sound judgment in abandoning capital punishment after learning of its costs, the pain it causes victims’ families, and the risks the death penalty poses to innocent lives.

While these facts are important what do they imply? If we could reduce the cost, determine psychologically that a particular victim’s kin is unlikely to endure an exacerbation of mental anguish, and protect the innocent, then capital punishment is ethically acceptable.

While I understand that seeking positive social change may (in some situations) require an overemphasis on reason while holding one’s conscience in check, it can open the door to perverse argumentation…

[Some] had argued police killers and terrorists should still be eligible for execution […]


2 Responses to “fighting capital punishment amorally”

  1. Talon Says:

    So you’re against the death penalty?

  2. gnuosphere Says:


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