pick your candidate

I left all choices marked as “minimal” and submitted my views. Below are my simplified results. I’d be curious to hear from other bloggers – American or not.

23     Kucinich
19     Gravel
13     Obama
11     Edwards
11     Clinton
10     Richardson
10     Dodd
9       Biden
0       Paul
-8      McCain
-8      Giuliani
-8      Cox
-9      T. Thompson
-12    Brownback
-14    Huckabee
-19    Tancredo
-20    Romney
-22    Hunter


3 Responses to “pick your candidate”

  1. jclerch Says:

    You are such a Brownback fan!

  2. gnuosphere Says:

    If when Brownback says, “teach the controversy”, he meant including support for pastafarianism in schools, then perhaps I’d have to rank him closer to Giuliani/McCain.

  3. i agree with my favorite webcomic author « GNUosphere Says:

    […] best to follow Randall’s advice. Otherwise, I’d suggest starting at the top of this list. That is, if democracy were […]

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