family ties

Upon hearing of Lawrence Lessig seriously considering a run for California’s 12th congressional district, I felt compelled to contribute. But as a non-American, I found myself stifled:

I confirm that […] I am a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien.

Good thing I’m married to an American. :)

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2 Responses to “family ties”

  1. buck stauffer Says:

    I’m going to print off a campaign sign and put it in my window anyway.

  2. gnuosphere Says:

    Well maybe he’ll do it. I’d certainly like to see it but he’s in an infinitely better position to judge. He might end up feeling there are good reasons not to run. Perhaps he might feel he has no chance at getting more support than Jackie Speier – for now.

    That would be interesting/funny though, if you Buck, (as a Canadian) had a “Lessig for California’s 12 congressional district” sign up in your home window. Who knows, maybe you could influence someone who might have a connection to an American who would then be influenced to offer support. What can you lose?

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