dean shareski sums it up…

[The safety hysteria is] a ridiculous barrier to great learning and opportunity.

I know teachers who believe that the general practice of removing photographs of students from school websites “protects” them. Apparently, there’s now research indicating that the Grade Whatever class on will very likely be OK. <sarc>I’m so shocked.</sarc>


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2 Responses to “dean shareski sums it up…”

  1. diane Says:

    The IT person in our district told me that he wasn’t sure he could allow a class of high school seniors to post a podcast online because of privacy issues. Evidently he’s worried that – even without any identifying data – someone in, say, Taiwan, might track down a student through their voice alone and commit some unspeakable act.

    I am speechless. And so are they.

  2. gnuosphere Says:

    Wow. That’s extreme. I thought banning pictures was pretty messed up but that takes the cake.

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