“protecting the artists”

Of course, any artist seeking money that was essentially obtained through legalized extortion is committing a wrong. Artists claiming a “right” to such money should be shunned just as harshly as the Recording Industry itself. However, this simply underscores the fact that the RIAA’s interest has always been in protecting its label’s business models, not artists.

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2 Responses to ““protecting the artists””

  1. Eric Hoefler Says:

    Not directly related, but I thought I’d call your attention to a recent post on Lessig’s blog. In it, he says:

    “… as I repeatedly insisted in Free Culture (see pages 10, 18, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 139, 255), what others call ‘piracy’ I was emphatically not writing to defend. Indeed, I criticized it as ‘wrong.'”

    You don’t owe me anything, of course, but I am curious how your stance on the “intellectual property” issue meshes with/clashes with Lessig’s, since you seem to be a big supporter of Creative Commons.

    Like I said, just curious, should you feel like writing about it.

  2. gnuosphere Says:

    Unlike Lessig, I don’t make the mistake of speaking about “Intellectual Property” as if the term has any legitimate meaning. Therefore, I don’t have a “stance” on “the ‘Intellectual Property’ issue” as no such issue exists. If you have a more substantial question regarding, say, copyright – I’d be more than glad to give answering it a shot.

    But let’s say neither Keen nor Lessig were falling for this foolish idea of “Intellectual Property” and that Keen had actually said – “Lessig lauds the appropriation of copyright”. Even then Keen’s suggestion is misleading since copyright is not property and can’t be “appropriated”. Appropriation may have some meaning in the context of trademark law (the business associated with a trademark can’t be sold separately) but last time I checked, Lessig hasn’t voiced much of an opinion whatsoever regarding trademark law.

    The whole “debate” between Lessig and Keen over “Intellectual Property” is silly (for obvious reasons) and leads nowhere fast. I’m disappointed that someone as bright as Lessig gets sucked into such inane dialog but hey, he continually digs his own hole by giving the term legitimacy instead of clearly renouncing it. It’s obvious people like Keen would rather debate Lessig on “Intellectual Property”. If Keen had to debate Lessig on copyright, he’d get crushed.

    What needs to be understood is that I’m not taking some sort of pretentious stance against the term “Intellectual Property”. A stance against the term is born from the fact that you cannot have any meaningful debate or dialog on “Intellectual Property”. It is literally impossible to do so.

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