absurd “it” talk

Hillary Clinton:

I have had the experiences on many, many occasions where I felt like the Holy Spirit was there with me as I made a journey . . . You know, it could be walking in the woods. It could be watching a sunset.

Or is she wink-winking, “Sometimes, it’s a walk in the woods and then off to watch the sunset”?



2 Responses to “absurd “it” talk”

  1. jacarizo Says:

    Poor Hillary… does this means she just speaks whatever pops in her mind or she only minds whatever pops in her mouth?

  2. Erudite Redneck Says:

    Ya know, that does read like she was referrin’ to the Holy Spirit as the “it.” But I’m sure she was connecting “it” to her experiences. … Never thought of the Holy Spirit as an “it.” Androgenous(sp?), maybe. Hermaphrodite, maybe. Genderless, maybe. But never an “it.” Interesting.

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