God is like Intellectual Property

The more you try to get to know Him, the more you realize He is a mirage.


2 Responses to “God is like Intellectual Property”

  1. My God Says:

    No way! Sure, “IP” is a biased term used to influence the way the masses think and behave but “God” is not…is, uh…uhm…

    never mind.

  2. skydaddy Says:

    Heh. I find it’s exactly the opposite. The more I seek Him, the more real He becomes. As I become more open to seeing evidence of His working in my life, the more I see – especially as I look backwards and see the turns of events that have brought me to the here-and-now.

    It’s often said that, “When God closes a door He opens a window.” I can testify that not only does He open windows, in my case at least, sometimes He tosses you through them. :-) Can you say, “divine defenestration”, boys and girls?

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