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canadian tunes

June 21, 2008

For fun, I asked a few Canadians in Twitter to name their favorite Canadian band. The Hip were a popular choice. The Barenaked Ladies, Rush, Bachman Turner Overdrive, and Neil Young were also mentioned as possibilities. While I like some of those artists very much, for now I’ll go with a band I’ve too many sweet live-show memories of to ignore…

“awesome aspects”?

June 20, 2008

Lee Lefever:

One of the awesome aspects of getting started is that the Kindle already knows who you are.  Since you purchase it from, it arrives connected to your Amazon account and immediately connects to (Sprint’s EVDO) cell-phone network called Whispernet, which quickly delivers books to the Kindle after purchase. This connection is free – paid-for by Amazon.

By default, I don’t want my e-book reader to know who I am through connection to Amazon (or any similar account) unless I say so. I want an e-book reader that connects to the ISP of my choice and allows me to read and share e-books no matter where I download/buy them from. As well, I don’t want an e-book that actively works against users by supporting DRM schemes.

understanding DRM and proprietary software

June 5, 2008

Technically speaking, proprietary software is not Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). Practically speaking however, proprietary software is required to implement DRM as intended. That is, without proprietary software, the circumvention of DRM becomes trivial because the effective ingredient (i.e. obfuscation) is absent. Designing DRM for free software systems is like designing Jell-O handcuffs.

I will derive

June 3, 2008

While I’ve always thought the Jesus parody is great, this is my new favorite: