I will derive

While I’ve always thought the Jesus parody is great, this is my new favorite:


4 Responses to “I will derive”

  1. diane Says:

    Thank you, thank you! This brought back fond memories of my three months as a Math major in college (before I ran back to the comforting shelter of English Lit).

  2. CH Says:

    I showed that clip to my grade 11 class last week as we were revising displacement, velocity and acceleration. As with most things I share with them, I found it much more entertaining. Maybe one day these dang kids’ll get some culture!

  3. MIke Says:

    Doesn’t the guy doing the dancing look like our current Modern World History teacher?

    “Those Himalaya’s of the mind”

  4. Jim Marsalis Says:

    As a high school calculus teacher, I found this to be inspired geek humor!

    Of course, a certain literary license must be granted to use “derive” as the verb instead of “differentiate”, but then anyone who really appreciates the video is probably aware of this.

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