some love for Love

If the general quality of mainstream GNU/Linux and Free Software articles weren’t so poor, I’d likely be more critical of James Love’s take on the matter. He correctly calls the system “GNU/Linux” early on but later drops the “GNU”, potentially confusing readers by stating:

Linux isn’t a program, but rather a collection of thousands of programs that work together, each maintained by different communities.

Well, Linux *is* just a program. Specifically, a monolithic operating system kernel. The other “thousands of programs” are fundamentally important GNU Project programs (that kick-started the entire movement) and other independent projects. But to Love’s credit, his article is considerably better than what one typically sees regarding “Linux”. He touches on the social implications of Free Software and ends with a bang:

Because of the stakes, people should increasingly be thinking of free software as a social movement. It is not only about a small number of programmers and engineers. It is about everyone who cares about the future of knowledge ecosystems.

Could not agree more.


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