Joe Six-pack

So Sarah Palin says she represents and is just “like” the average “Joe Six-pack” American. She’s running for vice president to the United States of America. While some voters may not care one iota of a candidate’s experience, I see it differently. I certainly wouldn’t want the average “Joe Six-pack” performing surgery or a root canal on me. I wouldn’t want “Joe Six-pack” arguing my case in a court of law. I wouldn’t want “Joe Six-pack” teaching my children. Don’t get me wrong…I have nothing against “Joe-six pack”, but JSP should stick to what JSP knows best. Admittedly, I’m not qualified to say what that is exactly, but it certainly doesn’t involve the highest levels of government.

“Elitist” you say? Damn straight.



2 Responses to “Joe Six-pack”

  1. Intrepid Teacher Says:

    Something to think about:

  2. kurrenteventz Says:

    Check my take on the Joe Six Pack comment

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