Windows 7 Stunted Edition


Microsoft Corp. is taking an unusual approach with its new Windows 7 operating system: Customers buying many of the least-expensive laptops with the software are likely to be limited to running three applications at a time and miss out on other key features, or pay for an upgrade.

This must be an extension of their “get them addicted” strategy. Only a true junkie would accept such an arrangement.



One Response to “Windows 7 Stunted Edition”

  1. Microsoft patents coercion « GNUosphere Says:

    […] Microsoft patents coercion By gnuosphere My thinking’s that the Free Software community has nothing to worry about with this one. Even if a developer of a Free operating system thought implementing a similar technique was beneficial, it would be done in a suggestive (rather than coercive) manner. Knock yourself out, Microsoft. […]

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