prayer != medical attention

Sad news out of Wisconsin as a father allows his 11-year-old daughter to die from an undiagnosed case of diabetes. The core of his defence was as follows:

God promises in the Bible to heal. If I go to the doctor, I am putting the doctor before God. I am not believing what he said he would do.

While I don’t buy Skydaddy stories, I can’t help but wonder why some who do don’t spin that belief in their favor. For instance, God gave us the brains to learn about our bodies and their well-being. With this gift from God, some even become gurus (i.e. doctors) and become the aid we can seek to deal with complex health problems. Silly, but a much more practical and useful outlook.

Unfortunately, Mr. Neumann substituted medical attention with prayer and his Bible – of which he apparently had a warped and literal take on certain passages therein. His defence lawyer says they will appeal the guilty verdict. However, one may wonder why. After all, isn’t going to a lawyer putting the lawyer before God? If there is innocence, won’t God take care of Mr. Neumann and protect him from injustice?


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