Derren Brown’s lotto prediction

I don’t claim to know what the exact trick was but you’re a sucker if you buy into the idea that a collective consciousness was at work. To me, what stood out as a red flag was Derren’s claim that:

The BBC have a legal right to announce the lottery numbers first before anybody else does so because of that, I can’t show you the numbers until just after the lottery has been announced – if that makes sense.

Well no, it doesn’t make sense. Derren was “predicting” the numbers, not informing the public of the official results. But this gave Derren the supposed excuse to keep his numbers hidden until after the BBC announced the winning digits. However, Derren is more than within his legal right to announce what he predicts the numbers will be without permission. As I said, I don’t know how he did it but I bet this bogus legal inconvenience is where to start if searching for an answer.

Next time Derren should reveal his prediction just before the numbers are made official if he wishes to impress. Somehow, I doubt he could pull this off and it surely wouldn’t be a legality holding him back.


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2 Responses to “Derren Brown’s lotto prediction”

  1. aNDy Says:

    Forget about collective conciousness, legal permission and what not… If I can predict the winning numbers I’d simply win the lotto and won”t give a f*** to let anyone know that I can predict them!!

  2. gnuosphere Says:

    Ha! So true. That’s the biggest red flag.

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