perhaps an american can explain this to me…?

I don’t get how restricting corporate spending on political campaigns violates free speech. This is disgraceful. Implied by the freedom to speak is the freedom to think for oneself. A corporation is incapable of personal thought or speech because it is not a real person. Sure, a corporation can release a statement to the press but a corporate statement is always bound by groupthink.

Every CEO, shareholder, and employee of a corporation is already a citizen granted the right to free speech and the right to put personal dollars toward political use. Therefore, I don’t see how restricting corporate spending violates any person’s right to speak freely. The US has taken the idea of corporate “personhood” way too far.


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3 Responses to “perhaps an american can explain this to me…?”

  1. Tom Hoffman Says:

    Not so much “the US” as “the Supreme Court” by a single vote.

  2. Peter Says:

    Yes, the Supreme Court. My (generalizing) bad.

  3. Akshay Says:

    Keep in mind this is the same (not exact except in political inclinations) Supreme Court that essentially gave the vote to Bush because they supported him.

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