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flattring Free software

June 29, 2010

Today, I was happy to flattr Pingus. It’s a game I’ve enjoyed playing on GNU/Linux.

Wesnoth is another game I'd like to flattr

This was what I imagined doing when I first heard about Flattr (though I do enjoy flattring things other than software). More Free software is appearing under the “software” category, which is good news. Unfortunately, some gratis proprietary software is also being flattred. I would discourage flattring software developers who distribute non-free software.


June 29, 2010

Matthew Papakipos:

Facebook! Love the product and team.

Facebook isn’t a product. Facebook is tool used to obtain the actual product. That being user information. I wonder what Matthew thinks of efforts like Diaspora. Or for that matter, what his former coworkers at Google think.

check mate

June 23, 2010

Bobby Fischer’s body will be exhumed to check for a potential mate (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Good luck to Jinky Young in finding the answers to her questions.

developers, developers, developers…

June 16, 2010

A user survey (PDF) for Eclipse software notes a 16.5% drop in three years.

Software like Android isn’t helping Microsoft either.

ubuntu tablet questions

June 14, 2010

After users turn on these devices, will they be prompted to accept a license agreement if they wish to run the pre-installed software? If so, that isn’t necessarily a problem, but what will users have to agree to? How will the default installation deal with issues surrounding (for example) codecs, flash, and drivers for hardware? If I choose to install other Free software on the device, can I expect the wireless, graphics, and other hardware to function as expected? What BIOS will these devices run?

I was pleased to hear recently that F-Spot will no longer be the default image editor/viewer in desktop Ubuntu. Will there be any mono by default in “Unity” devices? Or, will standard Unity installs differentiate themselves from similar mobile-OS projects (e.g. the current, mono-laden version of Meego)?

I want to be convinced by Canonical to buy a tablet in 2011 (and many more beyond that time), but fear they may make too many compromises.