not nearly humble enough

The second round of the Humble Indie Bundle is out. Though the first round slightly missed the mark by way of licensing, I still chose to support it. Thus far, there’s no indication that this current offering is anything else but gratis, proprietary software. If money finding its way to the EFF or the Child’s Play Charity is motivating you to buy the bundle, I suggest bypassing it and donating directly to those sites. The EFF is here, and the CPC is here.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update this post later with news that the bundle licensing has favorably changed.


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2 Responses to “not nearly humble enough”

  1. zerothis Says:

    Some of the game engines had their source code published under non-proprietary licenses once a pre-set profit amount was achieved. This not morally so, but practically so, the same as ‘I created it, its non-proprietary, everything remains on my computer only for the moment, you can have it all for $100,000 dollars’ Which is _not_ forbidden by FSF sensibilities. The Open Source camp probably approves. However it fails FSF due to being release initially as propriety software.

    There’s an Open Source prototype game in the 3rd one. Open Source from day one. I’d call that progress. Sort of, it only compiles on Windows for the moment. Certainly it will be running on Free operating systems within days of release. Will it this historic if an end-user _buys_ Windows compatible code and derives Linux compatible code without an ‘official developer’ involved?

  2. petrock Says:

    I’m interested to know more details of the games that have made their engines Free Software. If that’s true, then that is good. Do you have a link with more information?

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