a beautiful and “important service announcement”

Flattr (or more precisely, the email I received from them today) now seems to say something like, “if you feel you contribute, then let people shower you…even pennies, if they are so generous”. If one (or a corporation of) artist(s) and/or engineer(s) believes they contribute, they’d be wise to allow themselves flattery. Hell, even if you make things you don’t believe contribute, you might as well with this change:

we decided to drop any rules that made the service restrictive or outright complicated

And you want to put him and his helpers in jail?

p.s. I think one more restriction should be waived. Payment. It would be good to be able to flattr things for zero money and/or ideally, with an “appreciate” count (e.g. “like”, “+1”, etc.). What if we can’t afford even pennies at some time of our life, yet want to contribute by showing a way of support by tally?

p.p.s. If you (or “you”) liked this post, you can flattr it here. If you like this (more than 5 years now!) blog in general, you can flattr it here.



3 Responses to “a beautiful and “important service announcement””

  1. Weekly Review: What about you | FlattrChattr Says:

    […] The beautiful: Service announcement […]

  2. maloki Says:

    Unfortunately, if there weren’t pennies behind the flattr-click, it would just be “another like button” which it’s not.
    I understand what you’re getting at, but then people wouldn’t see the use of it. And suddenly your 100 CLICKS this month, wouldn’t be worth squat, in money.
    And yes, one flattr click, is worth way more than 100 facebook likes. I can tell you that much. 2€ a month can be a bitch some times, I know I’ve been there. I did an “investment” and it’s payed off. And now my life is better and I can put more money into the system.

    Hey I’m even lucky enough to work with Flattr these days. :) Which is reward enough for me.

    Liked your post tho! ;) Consider it flattred!

  3. petrock Says:

    Thanks, maloki. Yes, I’d like to see “like” replaced by a flattr button on everything…and those who want to give, can give.

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