fear of death

I fear death in that I fear deep sadness for the few who are very close to me and the possibility of physical suffering before the light goes out. The good news is, I think the few who love me dearly will be able to get on with fulfilling and happy lives. And, my pain is at least temporary. Admittedly though, the thought of suffering physical pain (either excruciatingly and/or continually) still freaks me out. I guess I don’t fear “losing” anything since I can’t imagine that an afterlife capable of such reflection is anything but a fantasy.


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3 Responses to “fear of death”

  1. Christianity Says:

    With Jesus you can reflect. Believe in Him and your fantasy will become reality.

  2. aNDy Says:

    I don’t know which is worse, dying and leaving behind the grieving few who loved you, or having them die before you and you be the griever!!!

    I am selfish… I’d rather die first…

  3. petrock Says:

    I think I’m with you on that one, aNDy.

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