Hungary, open standards, and funding

Good news out of Hungary:

Hungary’s public administrations will by default use open document standards for their electronic documents, as of April this year, the government ministers agreed on 23 December, and all public organisations are encouraged to move to open source office tools. Hungary’s government also in December decided to cancel the funding of proprietary office suite licences for all schools.

What would make this even better would be to continue funding schools making the transition so they can better support their free software infrastructure. This would also help incentivize schools to make the switch.



2 Responses to “Hungary, open standards, and funding”

  1. aNDy Says:

    Any idea which “suite” are they using or recommending?? In a weird coincidence, I stumbled upon this presentation the other day that I think is worth sharing… Can anybody confirm the info claimed??

  2. petrock Says:

    Not sure. My guess would be LibreOffice. Oracle didn’t seem to care much about OpenOffice so everyone abandoned ship. That’s a key advantage of free software…Oracle can control the trademark, but not the source.

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