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“the top position”

May 25, 2008

On a whim, we took the High Speed Rail to Tainan and spent the night. We visited Chihkan Tower. On the site is a statue of Kui-Xing, believed by some to be a servant deity of a “God of Literature” named Wen-Chang.

Kui Xing, servant of Wen Chang

By the statue were many of what appeared to be student identity cards hanging near a sign that explained the motivation of those who worship (click to enlarge and read).

Sign Explaining Worship

While we observed the surroundings, a young gentleman walked in and faced the statue. With his hands together and head prostrated, he muttered with intensity. He then gazed at the sculpture with a hint of desperate hope and left. Elsewhere on site, a shoal competed for food human visitors paid 10NT for to toss into the human-made pool.

Shoal of Fish


a weekend out of the city

September 29, 2007

A recent venture into the mountains of Wutai, southern Taiwan brought several pleasurable experiences. This waterfall with its nearby bridge was a favorite.

Wutai Waterfall 3


Wutai Waterfall 2

my 1st quake

September 7, 2007

It’s Friday, about 2:00 AM in Taiwan. I just experienced (what I believe to be) my “first” earthquake. The whole apartment was swaying, albeit gently, back and forth. I say “first” because I slept through one when living in Alexandria, Egypt about 10 years ago. Those who’ve lived their lives on cracks can surely shrug their shoulders with a “Meh”…but to me, that was something else!