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free speech, not free пиво

September 12, 2010

Russian authorities are using the pretext of copyright enforcement to suppress dissent. Unfortunately, the dissenters are often using Microsoft’s proprietary software for their activity, giving the police an excuse to hassle them. To solve this problem, the activists should use Free software like the GNU/Linux operating system. While Free software can’t ensure the Russian police won’t forcibly stop acts of free speech, it would serve well to defeat this ostensible reason.


russian news media needs free software

November 17, 2007

The freedom free software gives users is usually thought of in terms of usability, auditability, modifiability, and distributability of code (or mistakenly thought of in terms of cost). Some or all of these freedoms are disrespected with proprietary software. Typically, those who engage in the drafting and enforcement of proprietary licensing do so to hoard. Though unethical, hoarding at the expense of users’ freedom is not nearly as unethical as this.

Link thanks to Dave B.